8x8 Intelligent IVR

8x8 Intelligent IVR connects callers to the best-fit agents or departments by allowing them to simply speak the person or department’s name or make a request. Hospitality businesses have utilized the conversational AI capabilities to assist in the reservation process by acting as a virtual concierge for guests. Government organizations can use the 8x8 Intelligent IVR to assist motorists with a hands-free way to report and get information about traffic conditions 24/7. From retail to healthcare, the benefits of incorporating intelligence into the IVR can help provide a better customer service.

Benefits of 8x8 Intelligent IVR:

- Customer requests without using DTMF interface
- Increase efficiency (time value) of 8x8 Voice Agents
- Reduce system costs by reducing need for live agents
- Improve customer experience by reducing time to answer
- Allow live agents to better handle calls needing SME
- Progression toward 8x8 AI